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Waiting CD

• Waiting CD

After several years of being totally unavailable, Collect Records is finally giving this classic album the special reissue package it deserves — on the fifteenth anniversary of its release. The expanded edition of Waiting features the original album remastered and repackaged with all-new original artwork, as well as liner notes penned by vocalist Geoff Rickly, a deluxe die-cut CD and LP sleeve featuring the iconic Thursday dove logo, and three bonus tracks from the Waiting era — which come in the form of a bonus 7” single with the vinyl edition.

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  1. Porcelain
  2. This Side of Brightness
  3. Ian Curtis
  4. Intro
  5. Streaks in the Sky
  6. In Transmission
  7. Dying in New Brunswick
  8. The Dotted Line
  9. Where the Circle Ends
  10. This Side of Brightness - Demo
  11. Dying in New Brunswick - Demo
  12. Mass as Shadows - Demo

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