United Nations      

United Nations CD + T-Shirt

* United Nations CD with Collector’s Edition Longbox - LIMITED EDITION OF 300
* Collect Records T-Shirt - Black

This collector’s edition mailorder-only deluxe CD package features the original album remastered, with its original "banned" artwork restored to its litigious glory—now expanded to include the previously unreleased panels to complete the original triptych and housed inside of a four-panel blind-stamped digipack that is curiously reminiscent of the original Beatles' White Album jacket. This CD is further encased by a rare and classic longbox packaging that you probably haven’t seen in a record store since 1989. You’ll probably never see it again, so we made sure we did it right. It’s stunning.

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Collect Records ID: 205729 Catalog ID: 1085 SKU: UTDNUTDN01-DL Created: 5/18/2015
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